about Links

METAWATER Co., Ltd., welcomes your wish to link your website to this website (https://www.metawater.co.jp/). If you wish to establish a link to this website, please be sure to read Matters Relevant to Establishing a Link immediately below, and if you agree, please complete the registration procedures at link inquiry.

Matters Relevant to Establishing a Link

METAWATER Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "METAWATER") assumes that, by completing the procedures after clicking link inquiry, you agree that you have understood and will observe the matters outlined in this Matters Relevant to Establishing a Link, and on that basis METAWATER grants you permission to establish a link from your website. However, please be aware that even for websites from which METAWATER has permitted a link, should METAWATER determine that the link is inappropriate it may request that you remove the link.

Websites that may not be linked with this website

Websites and links in any of the following categories, or sites and links that may possibly fall into any of these categories, will be denied permission to establish a link to this website:

  • Websites that defame or slander METAWATER and/or its affiliates or a third party, or their products or services.

  • Websites that are offensive to public order and morals, and other websites that would damage confidence in METAWATER or injure its good name.

  • Websites that carry illegal contents or contents that have the potential to be construed as being illegal, and websites that undertake illegal activities or activities that have the potential to be construed as being illegal.

  • Frame links and other links of the type that would cause METAWATER's website to lose its distinct identity.

  • Links that may give rise to a mistaken belief that there is some kind of association or cooperative relationship with METAWATER, or links that give rise to a mistaken belief that the website hosting the link is recognized by or supported by METAWATER.

  • Links from websites that METAWATER judges to be inappropriate for any other reason.

Use of logo

The use of METAWATER's logo or the use of any trademark right or other intellectual property right in which METAWATER or any of its affiliates have an entitlement requires a contract with or the permission of METAWATER or such affiliate, so you should not use those logos or trademarks as icons for your links. Please use a textual means to make it clear that the link is to this website.

How to paste a link using text:

<a href="https://www.metawater.co.jp/eng/" title="METAWATER Co., Ltd.">METAWATER Co., Ltd.</a>

Note: Where "METAWATER Co., Ltd." appears above, it is acceptable to use simply "METAWATER" instead.

Other matters to note

METAWATER shall not be liable for any loss or damages whatsoever incurred by you as the party linking to METAWATER's website or by any third party. You must not cause any loss or damage whatsoever to METAWATER, the target of your link.
Additional terms and conditions are set out in the Terms of Use and METAWATER's Privacy Policy. Please be sure to read and observe those terms and conditions.