Quality Initiatives

Quality Initiatives

The METAWATER Group's basic quality policy is to ensure that all the products and services we provide are of the highest level of quality to satisfy customers, and we aim to continue to provide customers with products and services that will satisfy and impress them.

Preventing equipment accidents through "Activities to Enhance Equipment Accident Prevention Skills"

In order to prevent and eliminate serious accidents, the METAWATER Group has learned from past accidents (recurrence prevention measures), and is striving for continuous improvement.

The service department carries out "Activities to Enhance Equipment Accident Prevention Skills". These are voluntary, bottom-up activities carried out by those in charge at the site. This leads to the absorption of practical skills based on a sense of the workplace that is unique to voluntary activities.
Specifically, METAWATER is carrying out unique activities such as our "Watch the Site Campaign," "Share Stories of Failure and Information on Near-Misses," "Video Case Studies," and "Plant Hazard Prediction Activities"*.
All service personnel from a wide range of age groups, from young workers to long-serving employees with a wealth of experience, participate in these activities to share skills across departments and groups. Working as a team with members from other offices that employees normally have no contact with gives everyone the chance to discover that risks and countermeasures are perceived differently. This is an opportunity not only to understand the need to prevent equipment accidents, but also to recognize any skills or knowledge that are lacking. This initiative has led to a decrease in the number of equipment accidents in applicable departments. Since 2020, we have continued our activities while making effective use of online meetings, etc. We will continue to promote these skills improvement activities with the aim of maintaining and improving quality.

* Plant Hazard Prediction Activities: These are activities in which employees learn "Where in the plant the risk of equipment accidents exists, and how we should respond?" in a question-and-answer format based on past accidents and "near misses".

From the department in charge

In addition to safety compliance rules, fostering "workers who think before they act" through voluntary activities is essential for the METAWATER Group to monitor its water and environmental infrastructure over the long term. It is important for each and every employee responsible for ensuring safety to take the initiative in steadily reducing risk and carry out site work based on mutual understanding.
We will continue our joint efforts to understand the certainties of our work, to stop and think about things that don’t seem right, and to monitor our facilities with a focus on safety through our technological capabilities and flexible mindset.

Initiatives with Our Partners

With construction work, METAWATER evaluates the construction status by our contractors based on the five categories of safety, quality, delivery date, cost, and additional evaluation, and disclose information in response to requests from our contractors. We aim to achieve higher quality construction by communicating with contractors through the disclosure of information.
In addition, at a safety convention held by the METAWATER Group, letters of appreciation are presented mainly to contractors who contributed to safety activities at construction sites.

Award presentation at safety convention