Fair and Impartial Trade

The basic policy behind METAWATER's procurement activities is founded on the principle of "fair and impartial trade." We seek suppliers with superior quality, price, delivery date, and service both in Japan and overseas. Through free and open competition, we build better partnerships, deepen mutual understanding, and strive to maintain and improve cooperative relationships.

Basic Procurement Activity Policy

1. Promotion of open procurement

  1. METAWATER provides fair and impartial opportunities for access to our business to all suppliers, both in Japan and overseas, and conducts open procurement.
  2. We pursue economic efficiency based on fair competition, and seek suppliers with superior quality, price, delivery, and service both in Japan and overseas.

2. Strengthening relationships with clients and partners

  1. METAWATER aims for mutual prosperity by building partnerships based on mutual understanding and trust with our suppliers in Japan and overseas.

Promoting Sustainability

  1. METAWATER complies with laws and regulations both in Japan and in countries overseas in which we conduct business activities, and respect the social norms of each respective country.
  2. We promote green procurement with the aim of reducing environmental impact by giving full consideration to environmental conservation and the protection of resources.


METAWATER works with its suppliers to promote sustainability initiatives throughout the supply chain, with the aim of enhancing each other's corporate value. 


1. Respect for basic human rights

METAWATER respects basic human rights and prohibits forced labor and inhumane treatment. We prohibit unfair discrimination in the treatment and employment of employees, and strive to realize equal opportunities and fair treatment.

2. Fair trade and compliance with laws and regulations

METAWATER does not provide or receive improper benefits. We comply with laws and regulations applicable to business activities, such as the Companies Act, Antimonopoly Act, Subcontract Act, Labor Standards Act, Employment Security Act, and Worker Dispatching Act.

Environmental Conservation

METAWATER conducts environmentally-conscious procurement in accordance with the company’s environmental policy.

4. Quality improvement

METAWATER strives to maintain and improve quality together with our suppliers. We also strive to ensure product safety.

Information Security

METAWATER prevents the leakage of confidential and personal information obtained through transactions.

Promoting open procurement - 98 new suppliers

METAWATER has posted an "Inquiries on Procurement and Transactions" form on our Group website to provide fair and impartial access to all suppliers. METAWATER engages in business with around 100 new suppliers each year. We formed ties with 98 new suppliers in fiscal 2020.

Business negotiation

Promotion of paperless business through EDI*

The METAWATER Group promotes the adoption of EDI. In addition to improving the efficiency and accuracy of our ordering operations, METAWATER is promoting the use of EDI with the understanding and cooperation of our suppliers, with the aim of reducing environmental impact by eliminating paper. We began using EDI for orders relating to development and for internal equipment. In fiscal 2020, we placed 53% of orders using EDI.
As a result, paper used in the past, such as that for purchase orders and invoices, has been eliminated, resulting in a reduction of approximately 30,000 sheets of paper. And this applies not only to METAWATER. Our suppliers also no longer need delivery slips or envelopes, leading to a paperless environment.
In the current fiscal year, we will expand the scope of EDI transactions and application to further improve operational efficiency and reduce environmental impact.
* EDI: This is an abbreviation of Electronic Data Interchange, and is an electronic transaction mechanism.

Promotion of green purchasing

The METAWATER Group promotes the purchasing of eco-friendly office supplies (products bearing socially recognized environmental marks such as Ecomark and Green Mark).
In particular, we have designated 12 frequently used items, such as copy paper, business cards, and highlighter pens, as items for which green purchasing is to be promoted, and our efforts to enhance green purchasing resulted in a green purchasing rate of approximately 94% in fiscal 2020. METAWATER will continue to improve its green purchasing rate throughout the company.

Compliance with laws and regulations

METAWATER is actively promoting taking out social insurance policies for construction work. We are meticulous in notifying our suppliers, instruct them to clearly indicate legal welfare expenses in their estimates, and exchange opinions through individual visits to ensure that suppliers are covered by various insurance policies.

Enforcement of in-house education

METAWATER holds study sessions on the Act against Delay in Payment of Subcontract Proceeds, etc. to Subcontractors (Subcontract Act) for all personnel in charge of purchasing to ensure strict compliance with laws and regulations and promote understanding. We also conduct e-learning for other employees to strengthen compliance throughout the company.

Procurement Offices

Procurement Center, Procurement Office


Location: JR Kanda Manseibashi Bldg., 1-25 Kandasuda-cho
, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Telephone number: +81-3-6853-7322

Nagoya Branch

Location: Nagoya Prime Central Tower, 2-27-8 Meieki
, Nishi-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
Telephone number: +81-52-856-1300

Inquiries on Procurement and Transactions

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