Disclosure Policy

1. Basic policy

Based on the METAWATER Group’s corporate philosophy, we strive to be a corporate Group that fulfills the expectations of all stakeholders, earns the trust of society, and continues to contribute to society in order to achieve sustainable development together with society. Based on this principle , we endeavor to promote understanding of our Group and attain a highly transparent and reliable management system by disclosing corporate information concerning our Group fairly, impartially, and in a timely and appropriate manner to our stakeholders and society, and by actively communicating with our stakeholders.

2. Information disclosure standards

METAWATER discloses corporate information that is required to be disclosed pursuant to various laws and regulations, such as the Companies Act and Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, as well as rules and regulations established by financial instruments exchanges, in accordance with the respective laws and regulations. METAWATER also discloses corporate information that is deemed useful to our stakeholders and information that is deemed socially necessary to be disclosed as proactively as possible, even if it does not fall under any laws or regulations.

3. Information disclosure method

Corporate information that is required to be disclosed in accordance with the above-mentioned laws and regulations is disclosed via channels stipulated in respective laws and regulations and posted on the METAWATER website.
Corporate information that does not fall under any of the above laws or regulations is disclosed through media outlets, and the METAWATER website, etc. in consideration of its importance and urgency.

4. Communication after disclosure of information

METAWATER actively communicates with its stakeholders through press conferences, briefings, interviews, and responses to inquiries.
We also share the opinions of our stakeholders given through such communication with Group companies for future reference.

5. Period of silence

In order to prevent the leakage of financial results information and ensure fairness, the period from the day following the end of the fiscal year (including quarterly financial results) to the announcement of financial results shall be a silent period.
During this silent period, METAWATER refrains from holding press conferences, briefings, interviews, or responses to inquiries relating to our financial results or earnings estimates, except in the case of disclosure of information relating to revisions to earnings forecasts.

6. Prospects for the future

Forward-looking statements, such as earnings forecasts, strategies, and targets disclosed by our Group are based on information available to the Group at the time of disclosure and certain assumptions deemed to be reasonable. Actual business results may differ materially from these statements due to a variety of factors.

7. Creation of internal systems

In order to comply with our disclosure policy, and ensure appropriate information disclosure and communication with stakeholders, METAWATER will construct an internal system and establish internal regulations.