Safe Working Environment

Promotion of Occupational Health and Safety

The METAWATER Group has established basic policy for health and safety management, and based on the philosophy of "no one will get injured or injure others ", we are working to create a safe working environment that keeps all employees and related individuals safe from work-related accidents, disease, and traffic accidents.

Promotion of safety at construction sites

The METAWATER Group has been working on a variety of initiatives to place safety first.

Site management through integration of METAWATER Group and partner companies

At construction sites, safety measures are thoroughly reviewed and risk assessments are conducted at the planning stage by holding construction policy meetings and construction review meetings. In addition, when workers enter new facilities for the first time, awareness meetings are held to ensure that the actual workers are fully aware of the outcome of reviews and risk assessments. Safe workplaces are realized by holding pre-work foreman’s meetings the day before work is to be carried out, providing risk prediction training at morning and post-lunch gatherings on the day of work, incorporating work into procedures, and verifying that plans are executed.

Establishment and application of “Site Work Health and Safety Guidelines”

The METAWATER Group has established its own "Site Work Health and Safety Guidelines" that fully incorporate the experience of the Group as well as following related laws and regulations. These guidelines are revised each year, and act as a safety bible for the Group’s work in the field.

Participation in on-site safety management using the web

Opportunities to visit sites have been decreasing due to our efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19. In response to this, the METAWATER Group has been promoting web patrols and web conferences, and has established a system that allows offices to participate in various on-site conferences and training. We have also begun video training on the “Site Work Health and Safety Guidelines.” These efforts have been more successful than ever during the ongoing pandemic.

“Site Work Health and Safety Guidelines” (video edition)
Evaluation and reconstruction of safety management system by safety consultants

The METAWATER Group has appointed external safety consultants. They not only take part in on-site patrols and in providing safety education, but also participate in the evaluation and reconstruction of our safety system from a third-party perspective. With their support, METAWATER has established and put into practice the most advanced safety system as a facility company.

Use of license system

METAWATER encourages those in charge of construction work at our partner companies to attend classes held by our Group, and licenses are issued to those who complete courses. In addition to the "Site Work Health and Safety Guidelines," participants learn about the content and how to create documents relating to the company. By renewing these licenses every three years, the system contributes to the establishment of safe workplace environments by having participants constantly learn and practice the latest safety mechanisms.

Promoting the management of safe work vehicle driving
Received Silver Award for Excellent Safe Driving Operations from Japan Safe Driving Center

Use of in-house driver's license system

The METAWATER Group has established its own in-house driver's license system for work vehicle drivers. Drivers are certified based on their safe driving record, and in fiscal 2020, 1,200 employees received this certification, leading to the promotion of safe driving.

Provision of professional education from driver’s perspective

At the METAWATER Group, meticulous and intensive professional driving education is provided to driving managers (persons responsible for management in drivers’ department). Based on this education, we have also established a system in which driving managers provide instruction to each driver under actual driving conditions, such as driving during the day and at night, in built-up areas, on mountain roads, and on expressways.

Received Silver Award for Excellent Safe Driving Operations from Japan Safe Driving Center

Health Promotion Initiatives

Based on the belief that “People Are Our Greatest Assets”, the METAWATER Group puts great value on the mental and physical health of its employees and their families, and has put a variety of support systems in place. We will continue to promote health management based on the belief that improving the health of each and every employee leads to greater corporate vitality.

Health care system

The METAWATER Group has established health care centers at its Head Office, in Nagoya, Osaka, and other offices, and has put in place a system that enables industrial physicians, psychological counselors, and dedicated health care staff to rapidly provide care to employees at all times. In order for employees to maintain and promote their own health, METAWATER holds individual interviews, and provides health guidance throughout the year.

Encouraging employees to be more health-conscious

Due to Japan’s declining birthrate and aging population, as well a growing labor shortage, it will become normal in future society to continue working regardless of age if there are opportunities to keep well and active, and therefore health care from a young age will become more important than ever.
The METAWATER Group conducts health promotion activities and provides health advice to ensure that each and every employee continues to work in good health and in a lively manner.
As part of our health promotion activities, we planned and implemented various activities tailored to each employee's work characteristics and circumstances, such as holding walking events in which employees can participate individually, providing training information useful for telework environments, and providing health education by age and occupation.
And in recent years, our dedicated health care staff visited all offices nationwide to provide health advice face-to-face with each and every employee. In fiscal 2020, we made extensive use of remote meetings to further promote health care and prevent mental and physical disorders, taking into account the impact of the spread of COVID-19 and behavioral restrictions associated with countermeasures. 600 employees, about 4 times more than in previous years, used the facility.

Health advice through remote interviews

Mental health care

As a measure to prevent mental health problems, METAWATER conducted "line care education" for managers and "self-care education" for all employees through e-learning.
The METAWATER Group’s work style reforms are also aimed at reducing commuting stress and achieving a "life-work balance." We will continue to promote mental health care initiatives in conjunction with work style reforms.

Helpline System (Internal Reporting System)

To ensure the sound development of the METAWATER Group and enhance compliance management, we have set up a helpline to prevent violations of laws and internal rules, and to detect and resolve violations as soon as possible. The helpline is available to all Group employees (executives, employees, advisors, contract employees, dispatched employees, permanently stationed workers, etc. under outsourcing agreements, etc.), and offers a platform for those wishing to discuss or report violations of laws or internal rules.
The helpline has an internal point of contact (METAWATER's legal department), an external point of contact, and an external lawyer’s point of contact. Each of these contact points can be used by those who wish counselling and those who wish to report something.
Each of such callers is protected under helpline regulations in order to avoid unfavorable treatment, and names, and the content of any discussions are kept strictly confidential.