“B-DASH” Technology Development Project

B-DASH (Breakthrough by Dynamic Approach in Sewage High Technology Project) is a demonstration project for innovative wastewater system technologies. This demonstration project was launched by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) in 2011, and is aimed at making more efficient use of energy and reducing stock life cycle costs in the wastewater system business by accelerating research and development and the commercialization of new technologies, and at supporting the development of the water business of Japanese companies overseas. Contractors install full-scale plants at wastewater treatment plants to demonstrate cost reductions and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.
In particular, the demonstration projects carried out in fiscal 2011 and 2013 were evaluated for their technical performance and summarized in the "Guidelines for Introducing Innovative Sewage Technology" published by the National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management.

“Energy-independent wastewater treatment plant” demonstration project

“Switching from energy use to energy creation” demonstration project

“Contribution to sustainability of small to medium-scale wastewater system projects” demonstration project

“Protecting towns from localized torrential rain” demonstration project

“Reducing environmental impact” demonstration project

Demonstration project exhibiting “practical application of system for realizing continuous physical asset management using the cloud with operation and maintenance (O&M) as starting point”

Demonstration project exhibiting “advanced wastewater treatment using ICT and AI to control single tank nitrification/denitrification process”

“ICT-based wide-area monitoring and control system for wastewater system facilities” demonstration project