ESG activities and priority areas


ESG Activities and Priority Areas 1

- Sustainability Through
Business -
Initiatives to Reduce Environmental Impact

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In order to realize resource recycling, energy saving, and energy creation, METAWATER contributes to reducing environmental impact and water circulation through our waterworks, wastewater systems, resource environment, and other businesses by leveraging our diverse portfolio of environmental technologies. We also actively hold environmental awareness events in the regions where we operate.

ESG Activities and Priority Areas 2

- People Are Our Greatest Assets -
HR Philosophy, Work Style Reform, etc.

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The METAWATER Group believes that people are its greatest assets. We are also actively engaged in initiatives to promote diversity and work style reform to create an environment where employees work energetically, provide a place where they can demonstrate their abilities, and carry out their jobs with motivation and sense of satisfaction.


ESG Activities and Priority Areas 3

- Becoming a Trusted Company -
Corporate Governance, Internal Control, etc.

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METAWATER carries out a variety of initiatives to ensure highly transparent and proper corporate management, including legal compliance, corporate governance, and appropriate information management. We formulate a compliance program for our employees each year, and repeatedly provide a systematical training program.