Sustainability Concept


The Sustainability Committee has six subcommittees dedicated to promoting sustainability (CSR).

Sustainability (CSR) Education

Sustainability (CSR) awareness pamphlets distributed to all employees

With the aim of raising employee awareness of sustainability (CSR), METAWATER has compiled a booklet entitled “The Unknown World of CSR.” This booklet explains the basics, including what sustainability (CSR) actually is, to METAWATER’s concept of sustainability (CSR), and introduces the relationship between corporate philosophy and sustainability (CSR) in an easy-to-follow format.
This Manga-style booklet featuring CSR characters was popular among employees because it was easy to read and understand, and a second version, Part 2, was published the following year.
In Part 2, we introduced the fact that sustainability (CSR) is closely linked to METAWATER’s day-to-day operations, with a focus on young employees as main target readers.
We explained in an easy-to-understand manner terms that are unfamiliar to young employees, such as "compliance = conducting business correctly while observing laws and internal regulations," and "internal control = rules and procedures decided by the company to control the organization," and conveyed that for METAWATER, which supports water and environmental infrastructure, our business and sustainability (CSR) are one.
Because it is easy to think of sustainability (CSR) as a social contribution, we continue to conduct such activities to raise awareness, and provide our employees with accurate knowledge of sustainability (CSR) as one of our corporate social responsibilities.