Creating a Recycling-oriented Society

Initiatives for the Creation of a Recycling-oriented Society

Initiatives for the disposal of industrial waste

Although the amount of industrial waste generated by METAWATER's business activities (office, domestic construction work) varies from year to year depending on the type of construction work and the number of projects, a certain amount of waste is emitted due to the nature of the business. In order to fulfill its responsibilities as a company that discharges waste, METAWATER has reinforced its management of industrial waste disposal through continuous departmental education, and is working to enforce the appropriate disposal of industrial waste.
We also outsource the disposal of industrial waste to industrial waste disposal companies with recycling facilities in order to promote the reuse of discharged industrial waste. METAWATER's recycling rate for industrial waste, including rubble, sludge, and mixed waste, is 94.2%.

Promoting the popularization of electronic manifests

By selecting companies capable of using electronic manifests, METAWATER is continuously working to visualize the status of industrial waste disposal as a company that discharges waste, and to enhance monitoring by applying for the use of paper manifests in advance. Depending on regional factors, there were cases in which we had no choice but to use companies that only used paper manifests, but in fiscal 2020, the adoption rate reached 98.9%, a 1.6% increase over the previous year (65% nationwide). METWATER will continue its efforts to increase the adoption of electronic manifests while taking regional factors into consideration.