Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy and Targets

Basic policy

METAWATER will continue to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by working to reduce the environmental impact of our business and to contribute to the local community in order to maintain water and environmental infrastructure.


  • Reduce environmental impact in our corporate activities
  • Actively participate in activities that contribute to society and the community
  • Conduct activities to prevent environmental accidents and pollution
  • Comply with environment-related legislation and other requirements
  • Continuously provide products and services that contribute to reducing environmental impact

Guidelines for Action

    1. Each and every employee will give continuous consideration to reducing the environmental impact of all of our corporate activities.
    2. We will promote sound and sustainable organizational management based on ISO 14001.

Priority Measures

    1. Promoting the reduction of environmental impact and contribution to the environment in all of our corporate activities
      (Corporate activities: This refers to development, provision of products and services, and general day-to-day operations.)
      • Efforts to address issues by identifying and evaluating risks and opportunities, and environmental aspects
      • Consideration of life cycle viewpoint, and design for resource and energy saving
      • Promotion of environmental education activities to raise environmental awareness
      • Expanding activities that contribute to the community
    2. Promoting operational efficiency (work style reform)
      • Improving productivity and business processes
      • Visualization and resolution of business issues through digital innovation, and the creation of new added value
    3. Putting compliance into practice
      • Promotion of appropriate treatment and reuse by strengthening management of waste treatment (industrial waste, general waste)
      • Responding to revisions to environment-related legislation, and disseminating and enforcing it
    4. Strengthening response capabilities for business continuity
      • Improving response capabilities for times of emergency