Global Heating Prevention Activities

Reducing Environmental Impact at Business Sites

Promotion of power saving

METAWATER has set a target of reducing office power consumption by 1% from the previous fiscal year, and is actively working to turn off lights in offices.
Our head office and Western Japan office, in particular, have adopted Activity Based Working (ABW)* to ensure that work is carried out efficiently, leading to power saving. We have also put in place various measures to reduce electricity consumption, such as encouraging employees to leave work on time in conjunction with workstyle reforms (introduction of telework, four-day workweek), and turning off computer monitors when away from one’s desk in conjunction with information security measures.
As a result of these measures, 2020 saw a 2.0% reduction in electricity consumption, and a 9.3% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions over the previous year.

* ABW (Activity Based Working): Work style in which workers are able to freely select the time and place of work based on the work being carried out

Promotion of paperless system and green purchasing

In fiscal 2013, METAWATER abolished the paper distribution of meeting materials at executive meetings and shifted to a format in which the data can be viewed on tablets. This meeting format has now been introduced in other general meetings, establishing a paperless system throughout the company. And with office supplies, we identified 12 office supply items applicable for green purchasing, and the purchase rate for these items has now increased to 94%. In addition, almost 100% of the paper we use internally is certified as forest paper.

Tree-planting activities

METAWATER carries out tree-planting activities to prevent global heating and secure water source forests.

Tree-planting activities carried out by new employees every year in “METAWATER Okutama Forest”
Commemorative photo after completing work