Environmental Policy, Goals and Initiatives

Since its establishment in 2008, METAWATER has created differentiated products developed by integrating mechanical and electrical services in its core water and wastewater business. Compounded by the tax revenue shortfall caused by the economic crisis, competition in the water and wastewater business is likely to become increasingly tight. METAWATER provides engineering services based on unique technologies and components that cannot be copied by other companies. For this reason, we will continue to promote the introduction of environmentally-conscious products into the market, and in particular, we will promote the development of products with a focus on measures to combat global heating in order to reduce environmental impact. METAWATER's environmental policies and targets are described below.

This section introduces our basic policy on environmental protection.

This section introduces the development themes and technologies behind our environmentally-conscious products.

This section introduces the concept and system involved in environmental management,

This section introduces our efforts and activities to prevent global heating.

This section introduces our efforts to create a recycling-oriented society.

This section introduces our activities to protect water and forests in order to contribute to biodiversity.