International Support and Exchange

August, 2019
Overseas student summer seminar (Tokyo)

METAWATER provided support with the summer seminar "Water and Earth" sponsored by the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, and President Nakamura delivered a lecture during this time.

December, 2017
Angkor Wat International Half Marathon

METAWATER provided support as a sponsor of a charity marathon held in Cambodia, and some of our employees also participated as runners.

August, 2017
Overseas student seminar

METAWATER cosponsored a seminar on "Water and Land" for overseas students studying in Japan, which was sponsored by the University of Tokyo, and supported by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT).

December, 2016
Angkor Wat International Half Marathon

In 2016 also, METAWATER installed a ceramic membrane water purification system near the finish line, and used it as a mist shower to cheer runners who completed the race.

December, 2015
Angkor Wat International Half Marathon

Since 2013, METAWATER has sponsored and supported a charity marathon to help anti-personnel land mine victims in Cambodia.