Sustainability Concept

Basic Sustainability Policy

The METAWATER Group aims to be a company that meets the expectations of stakeholders, is trusted by society, and continues to contribute to society to ensure safety and peace of mind in our daily lives, contribute to the sustainability of the environment and society, and achieve sustainable development together with society. We will continue our efforts to achieve this goal.

  • We will cooperate with our customers, local communities, and partners to contribute to resolving environmental and social issues through optimal technologies and services.
  • We will create an environment where people are our greatest asset, where we can recognize diversity, build diverse ways of working, and work safely and with peace of mind.
  • With the aim of improving corporate value over the medium to long term, we will strive to realize the best corporate governance and become a sustainable company in harmony with society.

Sustainability Promotion System

In April 2022, we renamed the “CSR Committee”, and established the “Sustainability Committee” to promote management based on the viewpoint of sustainability.
The Sustainability Committee sets company-wide policies and goals for sustainability, promotes initiatives to achieve them, and monitors various measures.

Important issues (materiality)

In light of recent environmental and social issues, as well as social needs, we have identified important issues (materiality) that are closely related to our Group's business, and that are also important to society and stakeholders in order to realize our basic sustainability policy.

Important Issue (Materiality) Identification Process

Important issues (materiality)

Important issues Policy Goals
Water environment In the construction, maintenance and inspection, and running of the wastewater system facilities that are essential lifelines for our daily lives, METAWATER contributes to ensuring safe water quality, and the recycling and conservation of the water environment through the provision of optimal technologies and services. Contributing to sustainable wastewater system
Contributing to the water environment overseas
Conservation of water source forests
Recycling-oriented society METAWATER contributes to the creation of a recycling-oriented society by effectively utilizing limited resources in order to continue to protect the rich natural environment. Contributing to sustainable recycling facilities
Promoting the reduction and
reuse of industrial waste
Reduced impact on the environment
Reducing greenhouse gas emissions METAWATER contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through our business activities in response to issues such as sea level rise and abnormal weather caused by global heating. Reducing GHG emissions at wastewater system facilities
Reducing supply chain emissions (CO2)
Local community In order to realize a sustainable society, it is important to cooperate with customers, local communities, and partners, and METAWATER contributes to local communities through its business activities. Revitalization of local communities
and economies
Support with disaster relief
CSR activities
Human resources Recognizing diversity, METAWATER has created a variety of working styles, and created an environment where employees find it comfortable to work. In addition, we take into consideration health and safety in the work carried out in our offices and workplaces to prevent accidents and injuries. Creating a rewarding
work environment
Education support for employees
Improvement of occupational health and safety
Governance METAWATER is working hard to operate a highly transparent and reliable system of corporate management, enhance the promotion of compliance and internal control functions, and strive for the best corporate governance to achieve sustained enhancement of our corporate value. Enhancing corporate governance

Announcement on establishment of "Basic Policy on Sustainability" (206 kB)