WBC: Water Business Cloud

Smart Field ViewerTM

Smart ascertaining of facility information


  • Management conducted by attaching a tag to each component

  • Component information (operational history, observations, photos, video clips, sound, etc.) can be accessed anytime from anywhere.

Recording observation

Reviewing documents and drawings

Sharing of past history

You can use them anytime from anywhere.

The service is offered via the Internet, so the same screen can be used regardless of where you are. You can view the screen not only from the monitor room, but also during a patrol.

Smart Field NoteTM

Increasing efficiency of services with smart devices


  • Inspection items can be easily developed as scenarios based on an Excel spreadsheet.

  • A tool to fully use the features of a smart device

  • All the collected information is consolidated on WBC.

  • It is possible to record information such as on-site observations and know-how using the image, sound and note functions.

Wide-area monitoring service

  • It is possible to monitor each facility anytime from anywhere by using a PC or a smart device

  • Being able to monitor your facility using existing PCs means possible reductions in life cycle costs.

Image monitoring service

  • Early detection of an abnormality is possible without hesitation through the comparison of two screens.

  • Enhances efficiency because you do not have to go to remote places to inspect equipment

Business partner: Nippon Telecommunications Network Co., Ltd.

System component management services

  • Prolongation of facility service life is achieved by tabulating and processing various pieces of data accumulated on the WBC based on a component ledger as basic data.

Information-sharing portal service

  • Communication services by leveraging ID information

  • Possible to offer a bulletin board, schedule table and document control at the top page of the portal.