Service solutions

We offer various services in the water and sewage sector, ranging from the implementation of mechanical and electrical equipment to the maintenance, repair and refurbishment thereof to meet a variety of customer needs.

Solving a variety of problems that interrupt stable operation

Water circulation

Examples of services provided

Inverter improvement work
Modification of monitoring control system
Support provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
Inspections of incinerator interiors
Inspections of dehydration equipment (mechanical)
Degradation diagnostics

Various services provided

Problem solving

BCP (business continuity plan) support

BCP support

  • Having equipment information, drawings and manuals prepared and maintained, makes it possible to share and use such information in cases where support is being received from third parties. Such information is also usable for comparisons of damaged states with prior states.

  • Supports the development of business continuity plans for cases involving damage caused by earthquakes, storms or floods, infectious diseases, etc.

  • In cases where damage is sustained, support for recovery is provided by technicians.

Equipment management

Effective use of drones

  • Offers new services that use drones
  • Uses drones for the maintenance of water and/or wastewater infrastructure
  • Study of drone utilization for contribution to the local community (including BCP) in any case of emergency
  • Ensuring safety and quality of service about the flight of drones

Examples of demonstration experiments

  • Survey and measurement of various statuses of water sources and discharge rivers
  • Diagnostics of structures and equipment for any degradation
  • Aerial shooting of structures and equipment at heights, etc.

Case example of equipment inspection

Inspection of in-house power generation equipment installed outdoors

Effective use of drones

Safe operation

Services as classified by purpose

On-site diagnostics

  • By conducting equipment diagnostics, allows for the ascertaining of the degree of degradation and signs of any failures to prevent the occurrence of serious accidents.
  • Conducting environmental diagnostics reduces the risk of failures attributable to the environment.

Monitoring tools provided for a short period

  • Makes it possible to temporarily monitor the statuses of on-site equipment for a period of provisional installation.
  • Allows for the installation of surveillance cameras during emergencies.
  • Useful for monitoring for the purpose of identifying causes in cases of intermittent failure.

Reduction in the risks arising from equipment operation

  • Uninterruptible power supply or backup power using a generator that is adopted in preparation for any cases of emergency.
  • Through the redundant and decentralized installation of system equipment, operation may be continued while maintaining the treatment capacity of the equipment in any cases of emergency.
  • Having backup equipment minimizes any reduction in the treatment capacity of the equipment.

Reduction in the risk of damage caused by lightening

  • Minimizes the damage caused by lightning.
  • Through on-site surveys done on each piece of equipment, corrective actions are proposed in accordance with the degree of importance (risk and priority).
Thermal image diagnostics

Service life extension/asset management

Reduction in lifecycle costs

  • Results of the diagnostics of the equipment may be used for the development of a mid-to-long-term repair plan with optimized costs.
  • Equalizes budgets.

Maintenance of entire plants

  • Equipment and devices from differing manufacturers may be systematically maintained for the entire plant.
  • Reduces workloads involved in ordering and management in terms of the equipment used or in terms of the manufacturer.
  • Proposes middle or long-term refurbishment/repair plans based on the equipment ledger used for the entire plant.
Equipment management

Maintenance and inspections

Annual maintenance and inspections

  • Periodic execution of inspections brings about stable and sustained operation of the equipment.
  • Any occurrence of unexpected failure will be recovered by means of emergency dispatch that is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Spot inspections

  • Inspections allow for the statuses of the equipment to be ascertained.

Inspection of spare parts

  • Having spare parts on hand checked for function in advance means that prompt recovery from any failure can be undertaken.
  • Proposals will include the necessary quantities of spare parts.
Maintenance and inspections

Repair work

Extension of service life, refurbishment/repair of equipment

  • Prevents any decrease in plant capacity caused by unexpected equipment failure.
  • Extends the service life of equipment by means of overhauls.
  • Updating of equipment, including the improvement and reconsideration of equipment capacities.

Labor saving and the improvement of efficiency in terms of functions

  • Electricity costs will be reduced through the use of inverters.
  • Automation and the centralization of monitoring will increase efficiency.

Support provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Emergency response

  • In cases of unexpected failure, reports are accepted by the support center and technicians are dispatched accordingly for recovery.
  • We will respond to any inquiry regarding our products.
Emergency response