To Water and Sewerage Users

About the METAWATER Group

The METAWATER Group was established in April 2008 as the first group of general engineering companies in Japan in the water and environmental sector. Since then, the METAWATER Group, as a corporate group dedicated to social infrastructure that is indispensable for industries and for people’s lives, is working to combine mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, ICT, and operation/maintenance/management-related know-how to extend our business to water supply, sewerage, and resources and the environment (waste recycling) both in Japan and overseas. This is something we are doing while pressing forward with efforts aimed at environmental conservation and contributions to local communities.

The environment surrounding water and environmental businesses is drastically changing due to decreases in local government revenue and shortages of engineers as a result of falling populations, the aging of facilities and equipment, and due to the elevated risks of disasters and climate change. The METAWATER Group, with the aim of sustaining contributions to water and environmental infrastructure as we head into the future, will continue with sincere efforts undertaken in cooperation with organizations, local enterprises, and partner companies to further refine the various kinds of added value created by our employees.

Continue, to make it sustainable.

We continue to be sincere in what we do.
We work on problems earnestly and strive to provide solutions.

We continue to collaborate with our partners.
We respect our partners and work to achieve with diverse knowledges, technologies and cultures.

We continue to innovate for the future.
We experiment in new ideas and take challenges.

To make sustainable what is truly important.

What is truly important to us? We create, operate, and track water and environmental infrastructure, so it is important to us that we provide support to ensure the safe and secure lives of residents through water and that we do our best to keep them smiling.

Under our corporate philosophy (“Continue, to make it sustainable”), each and every employee of the METAWATER Group continues to ask themselves what they can do to further our mission. Every one of us is sincerely and earnestly committed in our daily work to make sustainable what is truly important.