Water circulation technology

The 21st century is being called "the century of water," meaning that the depletion of water resources is being recognized as a serious issue globally. As a comprehensive engineering company connected with the water environment, we are committed to securing water resources through our next-generation technologies. We will create and regenerate water so that we can supply safe and reliable water on a stable basis.

In the area of water supply, we apply our unique technologies, such as a ceramic membrane filtration system and an ozone generation system, to our operations and thereby promote the development of technologies to deliver safe and tasty water to the market.

In the field of wastewater treatment, we are developing technologies for the sophistication of wastewater treatment and for the effective use of wastewater resources by effectively using technologies that we have accumulated in the field of supply water treatment, namely, our ceramic membrane filtration technology and ozone treatment technology.

The low-cost optimal chemical dosing control system consists of prediction and control functions. With the prediction function, the dosing effect of multiple chemicals is predicted against multiple water quality indicators in the same way as is performed in a jar test. With the control function, the chemical dosing optimization is controlled by realizing both a target following capability and reduction in chemical costs.