Global warming-related technology

The nitrous oxide (N 2O) emitted from wastewater sludge incinerators is believed to have a greenhouse effect that is 310 times higher than that of CO 2, a typical greenhouse gas. Since a high concentration of N 2O is emitted from wastewater sludge incinerators, a reduction in the emission of N 2O by the incinerators will significantly contribute to the prevention of global warming.

Wastewater sludge is a sustainable and renewable resource. We will publicize the importance of resource recovery from wastewater sludge as a new role of sewage systems in our society and, at the same time, will generate a new type of energy (biomass energy).

We are moving forward toward energy saving and optimization of entire plants through the control of non-linear behaviors by means of multi-variate data (measurements and control targets), something which had not previously been possible with conventional PID control. We are also doing this through improvements in responsiveness and convergence.