Phosphorus recovery system


While phosphorus is a raw material used for fertilizers and fodder, depletion has been underway around the world in recent years. A phosphorus recovery system recovers the depleting resource of phosphorus from wastewater sludge incineration ash.

Experiment equipment


1. Two (2) recycled products obtained from incineration ash

Treated ash: Used as a construction material as it is compliant with the environment standards for soils and the standards for soil contents.

Recovered phosphate: Used as phosphate fertilizer or as an alternative to phosphate ore.

2. Reduces running costs through recirculation of reaction solution

Chemical costs are reduced by recirculating the reaction solution used for the extraction of phosphorus.

3. Heat requirements are met through use of surplus heat provided by the incinerator

The surplus heat from the incinerator can cover the required amount of heat since the reaction temperature is 50-70°C.