Industrial water treatment

We supply a series of products for industrial treatment including those for service water treatment, wastewater treatment and recycling systems. Besides supplying individual components, we supply a wide range of services from designing to construction of various water treatment plants while address customers' challenges and their requirements for cost reduction and energy saving.

Case Studies

Food factory

High concentration wastewater generated in food processing factories can be purified in-house by MBR (membrane separation active sludge method). The regenerated water after the treatment is reused as cooling water and cleaning water in the factory, and this results in a reduction in the consumption of service water.

Characteristics of MBR (membrane separation active sludge method)

  • Smaller installation space because sedimentation tank is not necessary.
  • Compact sludge tank because high-concentration wastewater can be treated.
  • Stable low BOD. Treated water without SS.
  • Easy operation management because no sludge flows out.

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