Resource recycling

We are engaged in design, fabrication, construction, maintenance and management of a series of recycling facilities including recycling centers for urban wastes, waste carbonization plants, bio-mass power generation systems and so forth.
METAWATER is committed to promoting a recycling-oriented society by making positive use of advanced core technologies as an engineering company.

Recyclable wastes are effectively selected and treatments to make it easier to handle them, such as compaction and packaging, are conducted.

A fluidized carbonization system is an innovative waste treatment (resource recycling) system. It does not incinerate wastes but it recovers them as carbide to enable their effective use.

A fluidized-bed-type gasification melting system not only incinerates wastes but also melts the generated ash rapidly to produce slag. The slag can be effectively reused to reinforce concrete and as an asphalt material component.

While promoting effective technologies for utilizing soils generated from supply water and wastewater facilities and food wastes designated as industrial wastes, we help improve the efficiency of soil treatment and environmental preservation based on our products to reduce the waste volume in itself and technologies for process control.

The disposal plastic bag tearing and sorting system, "Trinitec Sorter," is an innovative piece of equipment that sorts lightweight plastic and heavy plastic in the plastic wastes with high accuracy. It operates by focusing on the characteristics of lightweight plastic substances and those of foreign materials included in the plastic wastes.