METAWATER offers answers to solve challenges when it comes to water supply and sewage.

The water supply industry is facing the issues of the aging of facilities, financial crises, and a shortage of engineers.
As business operations conducted through public-private partnerships become more comprehensive and increasingly cover wider areas, our roles as private companies have been expanding.
METAWATER offers optimum answers to various challenges faced by customers by providing total solutions that are based on our technology and maintenance know-how when it comes to mechanical and electrical engineering, as well as based on our strengths, which include ICT.

Circulation of water

To All Users of Water and Sewage

The METAWATER Group was launched as the first general engineering company in Japan for the water resources and environmental sectors. Since the METAWATER Group was founded as a corporate group dedicated to water and environmental businesses that are indispensable parts of society and people’s lives, we have been extending our business to the areas of water supply, sewerage, and resources and the environment in Japan and abroad. This is something we have been doing through the deployment of a combination of technologies in the areas of mechanical and electrical engineering, ICT, and our operation and maintenance-related know-how. At the same time, we are pressing forward the efforts aimed at environmental conservation and contributions to local communities.

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What is WOODAP?

Shifting from how failures can be prevented to how quick recovery from failures can be facilitated

As water supply and sewage infrastructure are now facing challenges that include devastating natural disasters, the aging of facilities, decreases in revenue generated by water and sewage business due to depopulation, and a shortage of engineers, there is a need for us to change our mindset from thinking about how breakdowns can be completely avoided to how can quick recovery from a breakdown be facilitated. Subsequently, we need to apply such a mindset to the processes of design, construction, operation/maintenance, and the management of facilities and equipment even during ordinary times.
WOODAP is a unique concept devised by METAWATER for the design, construction, operation, and maintenance management processes, focusing on quick recovery during a disaster. The term combines the PDCA (Plan/Do/Check/Act) process, a problem solving process used during ordinary times, and OODA (Observe/Orient/Decide/Act), which allows the workers at a site to judge the situation and take immediate action during an emergency.

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Water treatment solutions

We design, manufacture, install, service, and maintain machines and equipment to provide filtration at water treatment plants and to treat sludge generated during that process. We also do the same for electrical equipment such as power-receiving equipment and power transformer equipment.

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Waste water treatment and sludge treatment solutions

We design, manufacture, install, service, and maintain machines and equipment for waste water treatment and sludge treatment, as well as electrical equipment such as power-receiving equipment and power transformer equipment, monitoring and control equipment, and instruments used for the operation of waste water treatment plants.

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Rapid filtration system (alternative technology for primary sedimentation tanks)
Multi-layer fluidized incinerator