Plant engineering

Plant engineering business

We design and construct machines and electric equipment for domestic and international water and sewage treatment plants, and we also design, procure and distribute various machines to be used for these facilities. METAWATER Co., Ltd., founded in a merger between a company having expertise in machine technology and a company specializing in electric engineering, contributes to energy saving, labor saving and resource saving in water and sewage treatment plants through its globally unique technology in consolidating machine and electric engineering and the strength in product development.

  • Water treatment solutions in water supply sector
  • Waste water treatment solutions in sewage sector
  • Sludge treatment solutions in sewage sector
  • B-DASH
  • Overseas projects

Water Supply Field

We design, manufacture, install and service and maintain machines and equipment to provide filtration in a water treatment plant and treat sludge generated in the foregoing process, as well as electric equipment such as power receiving and transformation equipment, instrumentation, and monitoring and control equipment for operating the water treatment plants.

Water treatment solutions

  • Super Powdered Activated Carbon (SPAC) treatment system
  • Ceramic membrane filtration system
  • Upward flow type manganese catalytic equipment
  • Two-stage flocculation control system
  • Diffuser equipment for ozone
  • Ozone generation system
  • Information usage by using ICT
  • Monitoring and control system
  • Electric equipment
  • Instrumentation equipment
  • Cryptosporidium sensor
  • Flocculation agitation control system
  • Floc monitoring system
  • Bromate ion sensor
  • Siphon-type filtration thickening system
  • Filter press dehydrator

Sewage Field

We design, manufacture, install, service and maintain machines and equipment such as air diffusion systems, sludge dehydrators, sludge incinerators and high-speed rainwater treatment systems as well as electric equipment such as power receiving and transformation equipment, monitoring and control equipment and instrumentation for operating wastewater treatment plants. Further, we are engaged in energy-related technologies in the water environment area such as gasification and fuel generation systems for wastewater sludge, etc.

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