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April 6, 2021

Ceremony Held to Commemorate Completion of Renewal Project Received by the METAWATER Group for Katsurazawa Water Treatment Plant in Hokkaido

METAWATER Co., Ltd. (President: Yasushi Nakamura; Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; "METAWATER") is pleased to announce that the design and build project received by a joint venture led by METAWATER to renew the Katsurazawa Water Treatment Plant of Katsurazawa Suidoukigyoudan was completed on March 4 and a ceremony to mark the event held on March 28.

The completion ceremony was hosted by the Katsurazawa Suidoukigyoudan and was attended by approximately 30 guests, including Satoru Matsuno, Corporate Director of the Katsurazawa Suidoukigyoudan; Yoshihiko Kaneko, Chairman of the Kigyoudan Assembly; Kazuya Kumagai, Chief of the Water Supply Division of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare; and Koki Yamada, Director of the Hokkaido Government Department of Environment & Lifestyle. METAWATER President and Representative Director Yasushi Nakamura also attended the ceremony as a representative of the joint venture.

A design and build (DB) scheme was adopted in the order for the complete renewal of the Katsurazawa Water Purification Plant, the main water treatment plant of the Katsurazawa Suidoukigyoudan for water supply. The updated water purification system incorporates ceramic membrane filtration and was designed and constructed by a joint venture led by the Hokkaido Office of METAWATER joined by IWATA CHIZAKI Inc. and the Tokyo Branch of Tokyo Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd. as members.

The newly completed Katsurazawa Water Treatment Plant is one of the largest water treatment plants in Hokkaido that has adopted a membrane filtration system. The raw water quality at the plant contains high turbidity, odor components, soluble manganese and ammoniacal nitrogen, and is required to be treated for Cryptosporidium. However, the tap water treated with the system configuration of pretreatment equipment, ceramic membrane filtration equipment, and manganese catalytic equipment is safely and stably supplied to Iwamizawa City, portions of Bibai City, and Mikasa City.

Katsurazawa Water Treatment Plant after completion of renewal work

The ceramic membrane filtration system installed

A scene from the ceremony

Greetings by President Nakamura

Outline of Katsurazawa Water Treatment Plant and Facilities

Location:408-1 Nishi-Katsurazawa, Mikasa, Hokkaido
Water source:Katsurazawa Dam
Capacity of facility:Maximum quantity of water supply: 35,356m3/day
Water treatment method:Membrane filtration system
Membrane type/number:Ceramic membrane/1,200 elements
Commencement of operations:March 16, 2021

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