Midterm Business Plan

METAWATER Group has formulated the "Medium-Term Management Plan 2023" as a medium-term management plan for the three fiscal years ending with FYE March 2024 as follows:

Background and Objectives for the Formulation of the "Medium-Term Management Plan 2023"

In the domestic water and sewage treatment market, local governments are facing financial difficulties and shortages of engineers due to a declining population among others. In addition, aging facilities and equipment that were constructed during the period of rapid economic growth, and countermeasures against natural disasters such as major earthquakes, typhoons and torrential rains are urgent issues.
Under these circumstances, the implementation of the PFI Act and the revision of the Water Supply Act have led to the development of public-private partnerships that utilize private-sector funds, technologies, and know-how, and steady efforts for national resilience based on the National Resilience Plan. In addition, the creation of new business opportunities and business models backed by technological innovations such as AI and IoT is expected in the future.

On the other hand, in the overseas water supply and sewerage market, advanced countries such as European countries and the United States are facing important issues, including the utilization of reclaimed water to secure water resources in the United States and measures to tighten environmental regulations in Europe, in addition to aging facilities and equipment. Moreover, in areas including emerging Asian countries, demand is growing for the development of a water and sewage infrastructure as water demand increases due to population growth. Going forward, the emergence of business opportunities in line with these issues and needs of the water and sewage market of each country is expected to continue.

In light of this business environment, the METAWATER Group has formulated the "Medium-Term Management Plan 2023" with FYE March 2024 as the final year as the next stage for realizing its long-term vision (Consolidated net sales for FYE March 2028 of 200 billion yen).

Outline of the "Medium-Term Management Plan 2023"

The entire METAWATER Group will address the following three priority issues to achieve the management targets for FYE March 2024 of 150 billion yen in orders received, 145 billion yen in net sales, and 10.5 billion yen in operating profit.
※Based on the revised the "Mid-term Management Plan 2023" announced on October 27, 2021

Strengthen core areas and expand growth areas
Expand R&D investment
Sustainable ESG initiatives
Management Targets