How did METAWATER get its start?

In April 2007, NGK Insulators, Ltd. and Fuji Electric Systems, Ltd. split off their respective water environment divisions, which were succeeded by NGK Water Environment Systems, Ltd. and Fuji Electric Water Environmental Systems Co., Ltd.
On April 1, 2008, NGK Water Environment Systems, Ltd. and Fuji Electric Water Environmental Systems Co., Ltd. merged to create a new company under the trade name METAWATER Co., Ltd.

Which stock exchange is METAWATER listed on?

METAWATER was listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on December 19, 2014.

What is METAWATER's security code?

Our company is classified as being in the Electricity and Gas industry with the securities code 9551. Our new securities code is JP3921260000.

When do you announce your financial results?

We close our books at the end of March every year. Our interim financial closing occurs at the end of September. We announce our financial results in May and November. We also disclose our business performance on a quarterly basis.

Where can I find data on past business performance?

Please refer to the quarterly earnings reportsposted on our company’s website or its Business performance and financial informationpage. Annual securities reports are available on theIR librarypage.

What is your dividend record date?

The record date for the year-end dividend is March 31. The record date for the interim dividend is September 30.

Do you provide any shareholder benefits?

They are not currently available.

How many shares are in a lot?

100 shares *A lot is the minimum number of shares you can buy or sell.

How can I transfer shares or report a change of address?

Please contactMizuho Trust & Banking Co., Ltd., the administrator of our shareholder registry.

When is the general meeting of shareholders held?

The ordinary general meeting of shareholders takes place once a year in late June. We notify shareholders of record as of March 31 of the date and venue of the meeting in early June of every year.

How can I exercise my voting rights during a general meeting of shareholders?

We send a meeting notice and voting ballot to shareholders on record as of the end of the record date (March 31 in the case of an ordinary general meeting). You can exercise your voting rights via one of the following methods:
(1) Vote in person at the general meeting of shareholders using the voting ballot.
(2) Mail the voting ballot back to us after indicating your vote for or against each proposal.
(3) Vote online.

Where can I make inquiries or request brochures?