Our Strengths

Our strengths

METAWATER uses its expertise in engineering and construction (i.e., mechanical and electrical engineering technologies) as well as operations and maintenance (i.e., know-how and ICT*) to provide one-stop water treatment and environmental solutions.

*Information and communication technologies, including computers and the Internet

Mechanical engineering technology: Water treatment

We have an industry-leading track record of supplying water treatment solutions, such as ceramic membrane filtration and ozone treatment systems.

Ceramic membrane filtration system

Our ceramic-based membrane filtration system provides stable water treatment performance, even with highly turbid, raw water. The system is not only space-saving and easy to maintain; it also has a long life due to its high-strength membrane.

*2 Market share based on the water volumes of the water treatment plants that use membrane filtration systems

Ozone treatment system

Employing proprietary glass lining-type ozone generation tubes and high-frequency inverter technology, our ozone treatment system efficiently generates highly concentrated ozone gas to deodorize, sterilize, and decolorize treated water.

*3 Market share based on the quantities delivered to water treatment facilities.

Mechanical engineering technology: Wastewater treatment

We have an industry-leading track record of supplying wastewater treatment solutions, which includes high-rate filtration systems and multi-layer fluidized incinerators.

High-efficiency, solid-liquid separation (high rate filtration) system

The unique turbine-shaped filtration media can quickly and efficiently remove impurities, dirt, and so on. The system is also used in the primary treatment of increased stormwater runoff generated from rain, and so on.

*4 Market share based on the quantities delivered to water treatment facilities.

Multi-layer fluidized incinerator

The zone incineration technology creates an ideal combustion zone to significantly reduce N2O*5 emissions and fuel consumption. The incinerator also employs our original control technology to constantly monitor its operation status (furnace temperature, air level, and fuel consumption) to allow for stable and labor-saving operation.

*5 Greenhouse gas with a global warming potential 310 times that of carbon dioxide
*6 Indicates the share of deliveries to facilities

Electrical engineering

We have what it takes to maximize the performance of our mechanical systems, including monitoring and control technology and electrical instrumentation equipment.

Monitoring and control technology

Our monitoring and control system enables operators to monitor and control up to 4,000 gauges with the use of additional controllers. Its remote maintenance function also enables them to monitor system operation from afar.


We have developed the Water Business Cloud (WBC), a cloud-based ICT platform for sharing and utilizing equipment information, and are working to improve the efficiency of maintenance and management operations. We are also working to improve upon the accuracy of forecasts pertaining to the future by converting equipment data, knowledge, and know-how into big data.

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