Market Trends

Japanese market trends

Water and wastewater facilities built during the period of Japan's rapid economic growth are aging against the backdrop of a series of serious climate change-related disasters that have been occurring in recent years. On top of that, local governments are facing the problems of declining fee revenues and a shortage of engineers due to diminishing populations.
Now, they are looking to public-private partnerships for comprehensive, wide-area water and wastewater services as a solution to these problems.

Water and wastewater service cost data shows that demand for infrastructure renovations peaks every 20 years.
The demand for the renovation of entire facilities, including mechanical and electrical equipment as well as pipelines, is expected to keep gradually increasing.

*The graph was created by METAWATER based on the Water Yearbook and Sewage Yearbook.

Overseas market trends

The water and wastewater treatment markets in Europe and North America are vast and expected to grow steadily.
The market will continue to expand at a steady pace.

Water and wastewater treatment market trends in Europe and North America

Combined CAPEX and OPEX for water and wastewater projects
Source: Compiled by METAWATER from Global Water Market 2014