Management Structure

Directors and Corporate Auditors

President and Representative Director Kenji Yamaguchi
Director Masashi Sakai
Director Michio Fujii
Director Hajime Ito
Outside Director* Kaoru Aizawa
Outside Director* Fumiko Kosao
Outside Director* Tsuneo Tanai
Audit & Supervisory Board Member Shigeru Hatsumata
Audit & Supervisory Board Member Akihiro Teranishi
Outside Auditor* Taku Fukui
Outside Auditor* Masami Kusunoki

*Independent officer
Note: Please click here (P28-29) for the biographies of directors and corporate auditors.

Executive Officers

President & Chief Executive Officer Kenji Yamaguchi Business Execution Supervisor
Senior Executive Officer Masashi Sakai Executive General Manager, PPP Division
Responsible for Innovation Promotion Office
Senior Executive Officer Michio Fujii

Executive General Manager, Corporate Strategy Planning Division
Responsible for HR & General Affairs Planning Office, Corporate Strategy Planning Office, Legal & Intellectual Property Office, and Digital Transformation Office
Responsible for Risk Management
General Manager, Export Control Office

Executive Officers Koichi Yamaguchi

Executive General Manager, Plant Construction Division

Executive Officers Ken Akikawa Executive General Manager, International Business Division
Executive Officers Tatsuo Kato Executive General Manager, Environmental Engineering Division
Executive Officers Hiroyuki Nakano Deputy Executive General Manager, System Solution Division
Executive Officers Hajime Ito
Executive General Manager, System Solution Division
Responsible for Quality Assurance Management Office
Executive Officers Kazuhiko Aoki Executive General Manager, Cost Engineering Center
Responsible for R&D Center
Responsible for Safety and Health Management Office
Executive Officers Kenji Kojima Executive General Manager, Sales & Marketing Division
Executive Officers Toshiyuki Ishikawa METAWATER SERVICE Co., Ltd. President and Representative Director
Executive Officers Tomoyuki Takase General Manager, Accounting & Financial Planning Office, Corporate Strategy Planning Division
Executive Officers Hiroyuki Ishizaki Deputy Executive General Manager, Sales & Marketing Division

*Indications of concurrent directorships in domestic and overseas group companies have been omitted.