Launched as a general engineering company in the water resource and environmental sector

METAWATER Co., Ltd. was established on April 1, 2008 as a general engineering company in the water resource and environmental sector. It was formed in a merger between each water environment-related business unit of NGK Insulators, Ltd. (hereafter "NGK Insulators") and Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. (hereafter "Fuji Electric").
Since its foundation, the METAWATER group has been developing its business in various domestic and international fields related to water, waste water and the environment based on its corporate philosophy of offering optimum solutions to create water resource recycling. The machine technologies originated from NGK Insulators, and its electric engineering capabilities came from Fuji Electric, and they are synergistically incorporated in our business. To be specific, our core business includes the following: a series of engineering services centered on design and construction of machines and electric equipment for water and waste water facilities as well as repair work, maintenance management (maintenance and inspections) and operation management for these facilities, and provision of an optional combination of the forgoing services as a total solution.
Further, we have positively promoted partnerships and cooperation with other domestic and international companies so that we can offer a wider range of solutions to address customers' needs and expand the frontier of our business for future growth.

  • 2007

    • February
      Entered into a basic agreement on merger of respective water environment business unit between NGK Insulators and Fuji Electric.
    • April
      NGK Insulators transferred its environment-related business to a subsidiary company called NGK Water Environment Systems, Ltd.
      Fuji Electric transferred its water environment-related business to a subsidiary company called Fuji Electric Water Environmental Systems Co., Ltd


    • April
      METAWATER Co., Ltd. was established in a merger between NGK Water Environment Systems, Ltd. and Fuji Electric Water Environmental Systems Co., Ltd.


    • July
      Environment business of Kurimoto Technos was transferred to METAWATER.


    • April
      Inauguration of a new business called Water Business Cloud (WBC) to support water and waste water business.


    • January
      METAWATER USA, INC. was established in the United States as the first overseas subsidiary of our group.
    • March
      Partnership with Suido Kiko Kaisha, Ltd.
    • April
      Headquarters relocated
    • June
      Business partnership with Kokusai Kogyo Co., Ltd. by undertaking capital increase of System IO Co. (a subsidiary of Nihon Suido Consultants Co., Ltd.)
      Business partnership with PWN Technologies (the Netherlands)
    • August
      Partnership in capital and business tie-up with Rood Wit Blair Holding B.V. (the Netherlands) by undertaking third-party allocation of shares


    • April
      HyBrid Chemical Co., Ltd. in the chemical business was established based on joint investment with a subsidiary of Tsukishima Kikai Co., Ltd.
    • May
      Demonstration experiment started that is analysis of big Data and maintenance and inspection of water purification plants with wearable devices in collaboration with FUJITSU LIMITED
    • September
      METAWATER TECH Co., Ltd., conducting maintenance and management of water and waste water facilities, was established.
    • December
      The Group was listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange Market.


    • April
      METAWATER collaborates with NTT DATA in loT services for the water and wastewater businesses


    • January
      Converting a U.S. water-treatment engineering company,the AAS Group,into a wholly-owned subsidiary