Business Strategy

Growth strategy

We are strengthening our EPC and O&M businesses in Japan as we employ the technologies and human resources that we have developed through these businesses to expand on our overseas and PPP projects, which are growth areas for us.

Main Areas: Strengthening ECM/O&M businesses
Growth Areas: Expanding PPP & overseas projects

Growth area: Public-private partnership (PPP) projects

As the private sector plays a larger role, operations of ours which are driven by mechanical and electrical engineering technologies are also expanding.

Growth area: Overseas projects

In North America, we will build on the business of AAS to establish a foundation in the field of reclaimed water for drinking through Wigen.
In Europe, we will focus on expanding the applications of our proprietary technologies, such as ceramic membranes and CMFs, in response to stricter environmental regulations.
In Asia and other regions, we will continue to work on projects catered to local needs through ODA, etc.

About Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc. (AAS)

The Aqua-Aerobic Systems Group became our wholly-owned subsidiary in January 2016.
The company has been contributing to our consolidated results since March 2017.