Corporate Name and Logo

The Origin of Our Company Name

The "META" in METAWATER is a prefix meaning "transcendence" or "change". Water is an invaluable resource for the earth and for us. We are called upon to create a cycle of this finite resource and to pass it on generation after generation for ages to come.
As an engineering company utilizing advanced core technologies, METAWATER aims to become a leader in the water environment field that can respond to the demands of the times.
"META" represents our desire to be a company that tirelessly takes on new challenges and evolves.


The vertical line that extends from the center of the logo symbolizes the role that METAWATER strives to fill as a leading water environment company, as well as our advanced technologies and products (*).
The deep blue on the left symbolizes water before it has been purified and recycled, and the light, clear blue on the right symbolizes water after it has undergone these processes.
The letters between the "M" at the beginning and the "R" at the end are symmetrical about the vertical line. This also symbolizes water recycling and circulation.
* These include the ceramic membrane filtration system and the ozone generation system.

Corporate Character

Our mascot characters are named Mae-chan and Tah-kun, and they are symbols of our corporate activities.
Mae-chan, who represents natural water, grows in harmony with Tah-kun, who represents purified water. This is a reflection of how METAWATER grows in harmony with the environment.
Please keep an eye out for Mae-chan, a lively water girl born in a distant country, and Tah-kun, a knowledgeable water boy who has been cleaned up thanks to METAWATER's technology.