Corporate name / Logo / Mascots

Origin of the corporate name

"META" in the corporate name "METAWATER" is a prefix representing "transcendence" or "transformation." "WATER" is a resource indispensable for the earth and everyone in this world. It is our mission to create a circulation of this "limited water resource" and hand it down to people in the future generations.
The target of METAWATER is to be a top company in the water environment industry. We strive to meet the needs of contemporary society as an engineering company based on our advanced core technologies.
The word "META" symbolizes our continuous challenging spirit and progress as we work to achieve our goals.


The line vertically intersecting the logo in the center represents the role of METAWATER and its advanced technologies and products in the progress towards becoming the top company in the water environment industry.*
The deep blue on the left symbolizes "water before it undergoes the purification and recycling process" and the clear blue on the right represents "water after it has undergone the purification and recycling process."
The letters inserted between the top "M" and "R" in the end form a symmetry with the vertical line in the center. This also symbolizes "regeneration and circulation of water."
* Ceramic membrane filtration system, ozone generation system and so forth

Corporate characters

To symbolize our corporate activities, we have mascot characters called "Mae-chan" and "Tah-kun."
The synergetic growth of "Mae-chan," representing natural water, and "Tah-kun," representing purified water, symbolizes the growth and symbiosis of METAWATER with the environment.
"Mae-chan" is a tomboyish girl representing water produced in a far-off country, and "Tah-kun" is a well-informed boy representing water purified by METAWATER's technologies.