Quality and safety

Quality activities that support business

METAWATER Group is committed to the assurance and improvement of product and service quality under the quality policy and goals indicated on the right.

Quality policy and goal

Basic policy

The products and services we offer shall ensure the optimal quality level that satisfies our customers.

  • Serious accident 0 cases
  • Continuous quality improvement

Primary quality assurance / improvement activities

Continuous improvement of work process by making positive use of plant risk assessment

By adopting the Plant Risk Assessment (PRA) approach in each work process (basic design - field adjustment), potential risks are identified and the optimum measures to address the risks are determined to achieve continuous improvement.

Improvement of operation quality through thorough review

In the Design Review (DR) held at the beginning of each work process and at the transfer to the following process, a detailed check is conducted based on the above-stated PRA evaluation activities and lessons learned from past rejected cases.

Improvement and reinforcement of measures to prevent quality accidents through on-site quality patrol

To prevent quality accidents associated with careless mistakes in the field, we implement KY (Kiken Yochi which means hazard prediction in Japanese) based on PRA evaluation and on-site quality patrol.

[In front of field office at jobsite] Confirmation of the work details of the day during the morning meeting.
[Field office at jobsite] KY activity before start of work
Enforcement of education with positive use of quality information

To learn from non-conformance cases in the past and to prevent recurrence of the same failures, Quality Topics describing case studies and failure causes is distributed in the company for education purposes in the related divisions.

Safety and hygiene activities supporting the business

METAWATER Group is committed to realizing safe and hygienic workplaces with the goal of "zero industrial accidents" to prevent occupational accidents requiring time off or not requiring time off work.
Under the slogan "You play the main role in predicting accidents. Let's all work together to create a safe workplace," we are committed to preventing accidents and disasters at all levels."

Establishment of "Safety and Hygiene Guideline at Jobsite"

The Safety and Hygiene Guideline at Jobsite is a booklet on guidance of safety and hygiene at construction work and operation at jobsites carried out by METAWATER Group.
The Guideline is revised annually since its first issue in 2013 to reflect amendments to laws and regulations. It includes many illustrations and photos, and encompasses diverse contents including ordinances and guidance as well as the Group's internal provisions and operation procedures besides the laws and regulations related to safety and hygiene.
This easyto-read document is distributed and disclosed both as a portable booklet and PDF data. This Guideline is deployed not only within our company but also to our business partners so that it can be used widely as a reference document at field operations and as an education source for field workers.

Booklet (A5 format, 318 pages) Sample of contents

Provision of safety education to 1,208 employees

We provide sessions of education related to Safety and Hygiene Guideline at Jobsite mainly for supervisors of our company and those of our Group engaged in work at construction sites annually. In 2016, we held 40 sessions and, in total, 958 people participated in this event.
We also delivered courses on Safety and Hygiene Guideline at Jobsite to supervisors of our business partners engaged in the field work / on-site operations of METAWATER Group.
In 2016, 15 sessions were held and, in total, 250 people from 96 companies participated in them. The contents of the education include explanations on the description/revision of Safety and Hygiene Guideline at Jobsites, accident case studies and issues pointed out in the patrol.
The curriculum is carefully tailored to suit the type of work and experience of each participant group. We are continuously committed to disseminating and establishing Safety and Hygiene Guideline at Jobsite so that all the people working in the Group's jobsite can work in a safe and comfortable environment.

Session for Guideline Education takes place in various sites nationwide.
Guideline Education for our business partners

Delegation of lecturers

Upon request from customers and business partners, we delegated our lecturers to the safety conference, safety seminars and safety workshop held by 6 organizations and 4 companies.
The lecturers introduced the safety and hygiene activities of METAWATER Group and gave lectures on the responsibility of general contractors and their obligation to pay attention to safety.
Our activities have been acknowledged with a Letter of Appreciation.

The Letter of Appreciation concerning the delegation of lecturers was given to METAWATER Group.
Our Lecture in the customer's Safety Workshop

Approaches to business partners

We evaluate the condition of construction works conducted by our partners based on five evaluation items : Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost and Special Additional Points. The evaluation results are disclosed upon request of the partner concerned. We seek to achieve construction works with higher quality by facilitating communication with our business partners through information disclosure. Further, we present our letter of appreciation to the partners who make an impressive contribution to safety activities in construction sites in the Safety Contest sponsored by our Group.

A commendation scene at the Safety Contest