CSR Purchasing

Based on its basic policies for purchasing, METAWATER seeks supply partners who offer excellent quality, price, delivery conditions and services in domestic and international markets based on its code of conduct, "fair and equitable trading." Further, through trading based on liberal and open competition, we will establish good partnerships with the partners, deepen mutual understanding and maintain and improve cooperative relationships.

Basic policies

1. Promotion of transparent purchasing

  1. Regardless of nationality, we offer fair and equitable opportunities for participation to all the supply partners to realize transparent purchasing.
  2. Under fair competition, we pursue economic benefits and seek supply partners who offer excellent quality, price, delivery conditions and services in domestic and international markets.

2. Reinforcement of partnerships with purchasing partners

  1. We establish a partnership with domestic and international supply partners based on mutual understanding and mutual trust with the purpose of realizing a win-win relationship.

3. Promotion of CSR purchasing

  1. We comply with domestic and international laws and regulations and respect social codes in the areas where our supply partners operate their business activities.
  2. We promote Green Purchasing while giving sufficient consideration to environmental preservation, protection of resources and reduction of environment impact.

Green Purchasing Guidelines(PDF:281KB)

CSR Purchasing

METAWATER promotes CSR activities throughout its supply chains through cooperation with partners with the goal of mutually increasing our corporate value.

CSR Purchasing Policy

1. Respect of basic human rights

Based on a respect of basic human rights, forced labor and/or unhuman treatment should be prohibited.
In the treatment and employment of employees, unfair discrimination should be prohibited. Equal opportunities and fair treatment for employees should be realized.

2. Fair transactions and compliance with laws and regulations

Inappropriate supply or acceptance of profit should be banned.
Compliance to laws and regulations applicable to business activities including Company Law, Antitrust Law, Subcontract Law, the Labor Standards Law, the Employment Security Act and the Worker Dispatching Act.

3. Environment preservation

Close attention shall be given to the environment when purchasing pursuant to METAWATER's environmental policy.

4. Quality improvement

Efforts shall be made to maintain and improve quality in cooperation with partners in response to spam. In addition, efforts shall be made to ensure product safety.

5. Information security

Prevents leakage of confidential information and private information obtained through transactions.

Procurement bases

Procurement Center / Procurement Office

Head Office

Address: 1-25, Kanda-sudacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
JR Kanda Manseibashi Bldg.
Tel: +81-3-6853-7322

Nagoya Branch

Address: 2-27-8 Meieki, Nishi-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
Nagoya Prime Central Tower
Tel: +81-52-856-1300

Inquiries regarding procurement and transactions

Inquiries via email

Responsible division:
Procurement Center / Procurement Office