Privacy Policy

Protection of personal information and information security

Internal education and IT internal audit

We provide education to our new employees about the protection of personal information and information security. Particularly, we call attention to measures to prevent information leakage inside and outside the office by listing specific examples.
Further, we carried out an IT internal audit in six divisions at METAWATER and four group companies. No non-conformance cases were found and eight improvement opportunities were discovered in the audit. All cases were solved upon completing the suggested improvements.

Basic education on protection of personal information and information security New employees 79 people
Education on Information Security Management System (ISMS) WBC Center 14 people
e-learning All the employees 2,540 people
Calling attention in the company Quarterly / Before long-term holiday / Via intra-net in the event of incidence

Establishment of information security-related rules and standards in METAWATER Group

METAWATER Group has reinforced the rules and standards related to information security to strengthen information security and prevent information leakage. These provisions were formulated by giving consideration to the business characteristics of each group company. We plan to implement internal education on these provisions in sequence.

Initial drill based on the assumption of security attack using scam mails

We conducted a test to find out how many employees would be tricked and open fraudulent mail. We sent a mock virus mail disguised as an email from a mail administrator in one of our business partners.
The target of the first drill was limited to some divisions, while all employess participated in the second drill. The percentage of those opening the fraudulent mail was lower in the second drill. This suggests that the drill was effective to improve employees' behavior. We will further continue the education and drills so that the percentage of those opening the fraudulent mail reduces.

1st training session 398 people
2ng training session 2,880 people