Disclosure policies

1.Basic policy

Based on our corporate mission, we aim to be a signature group trusted by society through our continuous contribution to it while meeting the expectations of our stakeholders with the purpose of accomplishing sustained development with society. In accordance with this view, we strive to have management with high transparency and reliability by disclosing the corporate information of our Group to the stakeholders and society in an appropriate, fair, and equitable manner on a timely basis. At the same time, we actively communicate with the stakeholders to enhance their understanding of our Group.

2.Information disclosure standards

We disclose the corporate information requested to be disclosed in accordance with the laws and regulations such as the Company Law and Financial Instruments Exchange Act as well as the rules laid down by the financial instruments exchange. We do so in the manner stipulated by each law or regulation. In addition, even if the corporate information is not part of that requested by laws and regulations, we disclose it proactively as much as possible when we regard it to be useful for stakeholders or society.

3.Method of the information disclosure

We disclose corporate information in accordance with the above laws and regulations based on a method prescribed by each law and regulation. The regulation is also available on the corporate website.
With regards to the corporate information that is not part of that requested by the laws and regulations, we disclose it through the news media or corporate websites etc. in consideration of its importance and urgency.

4.Communication after disclosing information

With regards to the disclosed information, we make our best effort to communicate with stakeholders through announcements, provision of details, news coverage, answers to inquiries etc.
In addition, the opinions given by stakeholders through the said communication will be shared within our Group and used in future as part of reference data.

5.Quiet period

To prevent divulging closing information and to ensure fairness, the Company observes a quiet period from the day after the end of closing (including the quarterly end of closing) to the closing results announcement.
During the quiet period, the Company cannot give any announcement, provide details, news coverage, answers to inquiries, etc. about the financial results and performance forecast except information about a correction to the closing forecast.

6.Future prospects

The descriptions associated with future prospects among the performance prediction, business strategy and goals, etc. that our Group discloses may deviate from the actual result due to various factors because they are based on information we obtain at that time as well as certain assumptions judged as reasonable.

7. Improvement of the internal system

So that we can comply with the disclosure policy, carry out appropriate information disclosure and enhance communication with stakeholders, we build an internal system and improve company rules.