We believe that practicing compliance continually and being widely accepted by society will result in continuous growth of METAWATER Group. We also believe sound corporate culture will be established in the process. Based on this awareness, we have established not only Corporate Charter of Conduct, the Employees' Code of Conduct and the compliance rules as a guide to compliance matters that the Group should realize and implement, but also various internal regulations leading to concrete actions to secure thorough compliance with regulatory rules and internal rules.

Compliance Working Group

We set up the Compliance Working Group composed of five department chief managers including Legal Department and CRS Promotion Division. The aim is to follow up on the implementation status of compliance programs, investigate and make plans for compliance measures including company-wide education, and respond to helpline consultation cases. In response to these matters, we hold emergency and temporary meetings in addition to regular quarterly meetings.

Compliance Education

METAWATER Group provides education in industry-university collaboration: company-wide education provided in various bases throughout the country, company-wide e-learning, executive education and education by job grade.
Over the two years from FY2016 to FY2017, we have provided company-wide education in various bases throughout the country with the themes of internal control, J - SOX and timely disclosure. The aim of selecting these themes is to reaffirm the significance and mechanism of the internal control and J-SOX, based on even greater involvement by shareholders and other stakeholders following the listing in FY2014. Its purpose is also to familiarize employees with the way of information disclosure from the company as the next step after having a round of education about insider trading prevention provided at the time of listing. This company-wide education was provided primarily to administrative executives, for a total of 12 times at six locations in the first year of FY2016. A total of 521 employees received the education. In addition, we also provided education about harassment prevention and work time management to make new administrative executives selfconscious about the need to have a sound corporate culture and comfortable working environment.

Company-wide education at the Headquarters

FY2016 Achievements

Headquarters (6 times), Hino (2), Sapporo (1),Sendai (1), Chita (1), Nagoya (1)

FY2017 Schedule

Headquarters (2 times), Nagoya (3), Osaka (6),Hiroshima (1), Fukuoka (1)

Questionnaire Survey on Penetration of Compliance Measures

We conducted survey (voluntary response) to confirm the extent to which the Compliance Program and Helpline System, which are the central compliance measures of MERAWATER Group, have been established and to connect the results to future measures. Based on the survey results, we confirmed that both measures have acquired company-wide recognition. We will work hard to further improve recognition and the system by analyzing the survey results.