Safe working environment

Health management support

Health management center

To enable employees to engage in daily work with peace of mind, health management staff are stationed at major offices on a full-time basis. Industrial doctors and counselors visit there on a regular basis, providing full support for employees' health management and mental health care.

Helpline system (internal reporting system)

A compliance helpline has been established aimed at preventing, detecting early signs of, and achieving early resolution of, violations of laws and regulations, along with internal rules. The ultimate goal is to achieve the Group's sound development and enhancing compliance management.
The helpline is available to all employees who work for the METAWATER Group. It is available for executives, employees, advisors, contractors, temporary staff, and people stationed on a full-time basis under outsourcing contracts. The internal reporting system responds to inquiries and reports about violations of laws and regulations, along with internal rules.
The helpline has internal contacts (internal legal division and auditors) and external contacts (external lawyers). Persons making inquiries or reports may use both contacts.
Under the Helpline Rules, persons making inquiries or reports are protected from being treated unfairly and their name and the details of inquiries and reports will be kept confidential.