Promotion of diverse human resources

Acquisition of Kurumin Mark for companies supporting employee childcare

We have created an action plan based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children and were accredited as a "company supporting childcare of its employees"(Kurumin Accreditation) by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare in July 2015.

Support work life of female employees

Value creation and corporate growth are realized by ensuring a vibrant working life for a diverse range of employees.

Provide training to managers to increase understanding on diversity

Increasing awareness toward diversity was included in division head training.
Participants discussed the need for and advantages of diversity for the METAWATER Group.

Holding discussion meetings for female employees on childcare and career

Given an increasing number of female employees every year in the METAWATER Group, we held a discussion meeting twice as opportunities to hear from female employees who had experienced child birth and child care, about their working and private lives.
Participants exchanged opinions positively based on their experiences in managing family and careers. The discussions helped young employees resolve their worries and problems.

Division head training focusing on diversity
Female round-table talk where participants exchanged opinions actively

Key programs to support women

Various workstyles

Shorter working hours during the child-rearing period Female Male Employees with a child in third grade or younger are entitled to shorten daily work hours minimum of six hours.
Shorter working hours to ensure safe motherhood during pregnancy and childbirth Female Daily work hours are shortened to six hours during pregnancy and up to one year after childbirth.
Exemption from late-night work due to child rearing Female Male Employees with a preschoolers and no late-night childcare, such as live-in family members, who apply and are approved for exemption, will be exempted from late-night work for one to six months.
Limitation on overtime work due to child rearing Female Male When employees with a preschool-age child apply and the company approves the application, overtime work will be limited to 24 hours a month, up to 150 hours a year.
Exemption from overtime work due to child rearing Female Male When employees with a preschool-age child apply and the company approves the application, they will be exempted from overtime work.
Flexible working hours Female Male Start and finish times are left to the discretion of each employee. Work hours are reviewed for a period of one month.
Refresh Day Female Male Wednesdays are designated as a day to encourage everyone to leave work on time in order to ensure work-life balance.


Menstrual leave Female A woman has the option to take a menstrual leave if she is menstruating and is unable to go to work.
Maternity leave Female Women due to give birth within eight weeks (14 weeks for multiple pregnancy) and women who have given birth up to eight weeks prior requesting absence from work are entitled to take leave.
Nursing care leave Female Male Those who need to provide nursing care to their spouse or live-in, or any family within the second degree, or who need to take their child to vaccination or health checkups are entitled to take nursing care leave (up to 10 days a year, on a per day basis).
Marriage leave Female Male When employees get married, they are entitled to take six days of special paid leave.
Spouse childbirth leave Male When the spouse of an employee gives birth, the employee is entitled to take five days of special paid leave.

Leave of absence

Leave of absence for child care Female Male Employees with a child under the age of 2 years are entitled to take a leave of absence for up to 24 months.

Other (e.g. insurance, support for leisure time, etc.)

Health Management Office Female Male Health management staff are stationed at major offices on a full-time basis to provide support and health consultation when employees are not feeling well. Employees are able to use the service at their discretion.
Industrial doctors and counselors visit offices on a regular basis to provid health guidance and counselling.
Helpline Female Male Employees may consult with or report to internal and external helplines when facing various issues, including power harassment, sexual harassment, and other matters that constitute a compliance violation.
JTB Benefit Elavel Club Female Male Entitled to use various services offered by JTB Benefit (e.g. day care, travel, lessons, gym, etc.)

Development of an environment where people with disabilities can thrive

Employees with various types of disabilities are currently working supported by our consultant for the career life of disabled persons. The work assignment is determined each day after confirming the health condition in the morning meeting.
In recent years, new requests for work have increased as a result of high evaluation on the output of individual assignment. The scope of work is widening for the team.

Common in-house work

They are engaged in a wide range of operations : preparation of meeting room, rental service for projectors, delivery of in-house mail, management/shipping of brochures for the entire company, and printing business cards for employees.

Engaged in work flow from entry of business card data to printing
Delivery of in-house mail

Work requested by individual division

They also work for individual divisions. The types of assignments include preparing documents for recruitment, filing receipts, tabulation and data entry for hand-written questionnaires, filing of invoice for each division and so forth.

Support for the work life of middle-age and elderly employees

We offer training and seminars about the work, health and life of middle-age and elderly employees. We strive to create a worry-free working environment that enables a vibrant working life for these employees.

Career training for employees aged 50

We offer seminars to employees who have reached the age of 50 (28 employees) to discuss how they can lead a sound working life going forward by looking back on their careers and recognizing their strengths and their uniqueness so that they can continue to be motivated to work until they reach retirement age (65).

Life plan seminar

We provide information to employees aged 55-57 years (63 employees) necessary to plan for post-retirement life in order to reduce uncertainty about the future so that they can concentrate on working. Information is included for health management, conditions for re-employment, retirement package, pensions, etc.

Life plan seminar