Promotion of diverse work styles

Promotion of Work-Life balance

We promote Working Life Reformation as an effort to realize the growth of individual employees and the development of the company by responding to various changes in society.

Introduction of remote work system

A remote work system is in place to respond to the needs for child rearing and nursing care, as well as for reducing commuting time. We have created a flexible framework that is available to all employees without predetermined conditions or number of days.

Introduction of satellite office

We are promoting the installation of satellite offices within and outside our offices for our staff to use time effectively and create new ideas. In addition to work purposes, the satellite offices are also used to encourage close communication among employees.

Introduction of a four-day work week system (trial program)

In order to turn individuals' growth into corporate growth, we have implemented a four-day work week system as a trial program. The goal is to enhance personal time, increase work time flexibility, and promote effective use of time.

Satellite office