Introduction of examples

Case 1 The first approach in the domestic market: PFI project consigned to us as a package comprised of facility renewal and operation/maintenance of purification plant

Project "Kawai Purification Plant Cerarocca" was consigned to METAWATER Group in 2008 and the operation started in 2014.
We are engaged in the operation and management of this plant as a representative company of SPC "Water Next Yokohama." By making positive use of ICT, design and construction by using geographical conditions and optimal use of operation knowhow of private companies, we have improved efficiency, saved cost and reduced environment impact compared with the conventional purification plants.

Yokohama City, Kanagawa:Kawai Water Treatment Plant Redevelopment Project

Overview of Water Next Yokohama Co., Ltd.
  1. Establishment: January 22, 2009
  2. Project method: BTO (Build Transfer Operation) method
  3. Project period/
    Construction: April 2009 - March 2014
    Removal of previous facility: April 2014 - March 2015
    Operation: April 2014 - March 2034
  4. Water treatment capacity: 172,800 m3/day
  5. Purification method: Ceramic membrane filtration
One of the largest membrane filtration facilities in the country

Activity to preserve forest as a water source

To preserve the water source in Doshi Village (Yamanashi) that also serves as a water source forest for Yokohama City, we participate in "Water Source Forest Eco Project (W-eco'P)" sponsored by Yokohama.
As part of the activity, we also joined in enlightenment events for citizens in Yokohama, conducting a filtration demonstration using a ceramic membrane.

Case 2 First-in-Japan financially-independent-type PFI project for unilateral treatment / purification of effluent discharged from a marine product-related facility hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake (including a bill collection service)

We are engaged in the management of effluent as a representative company of SPC "Fishery Support Onagawa," which started operating in 2015.
METAWATER operates effluent treatment equipment to unilaterally process and manage exhaust water from the seafood processing complex in Onagawa-cho (Miyagi). The Fishery Port Onagawa is operated in a collaboration between our Group and several regional companies to protect good fishery fields and have the early recovery of marine product processing facilities.

Miyagi:Effluent treatment facility reconstruction project for the seafood processing complex in Onagawa-cho

Overview of Fishery Support Onagawa Co., Ltd.
  1. Establishment: February 12, 2014
  2. Project method: PFI (Private Finance Initiative) & BTO (Build Transfer Operation) method
  3. Project period/
    Construction: April 2014 - September 2015
    Operation: April 2015 - March 2035
  4. Processing capacity: 2,000 m3/day
  5. Processing method: Pressurized floating + circulating type nitrification and denitrification treatment + high functional dehydration + drying
Effluent treatment plant adjacent to the seafood processing complex

Support for Onagawa-cho in various ways

METAWATER provides support to Onagawa-cho in various forms. We cooperated with the town in various events held in Onagawa-cho. In cooperation with the Tourism Association in Onagawa-cho, we opened a local product market in our Headquarters (Tokyo) and Hino Office. Further, we opened a booth to emphasize the good points of local products of Onagawa-cho in the Great Tokyo Bay Festival.

We support Onagawa Restoration Festival as a volunteer activity
Opening of local product market in our Headquarters and Hino Branch
A volunteer is baking a saury in Onagawa Saury Festival