Focus on a recy-oriented society

Approaches to building recycling-based society

Approaches to recycling industrial wastes

The discharge amount of industrial wastes associated with business activities (offices, domestic construction works) will fluctuate year by year depending on the type and volume of construction work. In FY2016, the amount of concrete debris generated by destroying existing facilities and equipment increased, while the volume of scrap metal with a high recycling rate has decreased. This led to a reduction in the recycling rate to 93.3%, which is a drop of 2.1% versus the previous year.
Note: The recycling volume during the period from FY2012 to FY2015 was calculated based on "The State of Discharge and Treatment of Industrial Waste (Actual Result of FY2012)" by the Ministry of the Environment.

Discharge of industrial waste based on category(Japan)

Promotion to make electronic manifest well known

Adoption rate of electronic manifest exceed 94.7% in FY2016, an increase of 6.5% versus the previous year. This was achieved by enhancing operation efficiency, visualizing the status of processing, selecting service providers that can support electronic manifests, and reinforcing control on advance application for using a paper-based manifest. We will further promote this initiative so as to increase the adoption rate.

Number of manifests issued and rate of introducing electronic format data