Environment policy

Environment policy and goals

Basic policy

By promoting corporate activities with an emphasis on preservation of the global environment, we are committed to realizing a sustainable society based on recycling.


  • Expansion of environmentally friendly products and services
  • Minimization of environmental impact in corporate activities
  • Positive involvement in social contribution and corporate citizen activities
  • Prevention of environmental accidents and pollution

Action agenda

  • "METAWATER business activity" = "Improvement of the global environment"
    [Product] Expansion of energy-saving products / Environment improvement products, promotion of Green Purchasing
    [Process] Environmentally friendly design / fabrication / installation / services
  • Contributions to the environment are benchmarked through ISO14001 activity.

Priority measures

  1. Development and launch of environmentally friendly products
    • Achievement of development goals and expansion of order placement for environmentally friendly products
    • Development of products with consideration of lifecycles
  2. Promotion of 3Rs (Reduction, Reuse, Recycling)
    • Activation of business activities that lead to resource saving and energy saving
    • Promotion of appropriate disposal and reuse through enhancement of management of industrial waste treatment
  3. Improvement of environment education (including e-learning)
    • Enhancement of compliance activities by raising awareness towards environment-related laws and regulations
    • Promotion of awareness campaigns aimed at increasing awareness towards the environment