Anti-global warming activities

Reduction of environment impact in offices

Approaches to reduce power consumption in offices

We adopt Warm Biz/Cool Biz (campaign by the Japanese government to reduce electricity consumption) proactivity and turn off lights during lunchtime, with the goal of "reducing power consumption by 1% vs. previous year." Further, we encourage each department to enhance working efficiency, for instance, by introducing Super Refresh Day besides the conventional Refresh Day (noovertime work and turning off lights in the entire office). The whole company is committed to making efforts to avoid wasting electric power while following the government policy of Working Life Reformation.
However, partly due to the higher temperatures we saw from May, the power consumption in 2016 increased by 0.3% and CO2 discharge by 1.6% versus the levels in the previous fiscal year.

Approaches for environment education in the company

The following activities are in place for education to make environment-related laws and regulations that are relevant to business activities well known, as well as to enhance our employees' awareness of the environment

  • E-learning for all the employees on environment-related laws and regulations.
  • Education for providers of industrial waste disposal service
    (workshop for operators engaged in industrial waste disposal service, seminars for managers of special industrial waste treatment, etc.)
  • Increase in number of internal auditors for ISO14001.

Tree planting activities

We conduct tree planting activities with the aim of preventing global warming and securing forests in headwater areas.

Every year, new employees participate in tree planting activities at the METAWATER Okutama Forest
Group photo after activities