Response to biodiversity

Contribution to biodiversity through business

METAWATER's sewage works treat and recycle water that is used by humans and returns (discharge) it to rivers. When treatment is insufficient or untreated wastewater is discharged rivers become contaminated causing contamination in the ocean where that river water runs into, which will eventually affect fish and waterfowl that live there. We engage in our business activities with an awareness that our technology contributes to preserving biodiversity.
The Tama River in Tokyo faced serious water pollution during the high economic growth period due primarily to an increase in household and industrial wastewater. Rivers were filled with bubbles and oil balls floating on the Tokyo Bay became a social issue.
However, wide spread use of sewage works and advancement of sewage technology has contributed to improving the water quality of the Tama River, and subsequently Sweetfish have returned to the river.

Preservation of forests in headwater areas that store, foster, and protect water

Forestation in Okutama

We are involved in reforestation together with the NPO (nonprofit organization) "Green Earth Center" in METAWATER Okutama Forest located in Okutama, Tokyo. Training courses for new recruits include tree-planting. Afterwards, our employees do volunteer work, such as removing weeds around the tree.

Tree planting
Group photo in front of a sign after weeding

Forestation Program in Takao

We participate in activities of the "Forestation Program in Takao sponsored by the Japan Alpine Club" and engage in activities to preserve forests in headwater areas at the origin of the Tama River.

Takao volunteer activities
Tree trimming

Forest volunteer activities (Hirakata Osaka)

The Western Japan Office participates in activities of the Forest Volunteer Group Taketori-Monogatari NPO and engages in forest preservation activities in Hirakata.

Osaka volunteer activities
Cross cutting process

Cleanup activities at tidal flats, which create food chains for various organisms and function as a place for egg laying and growth.

Fujimae Tidal Flat cleanup activities

In cooperation with civil groups and the government, METAWATER cleans up trash that is washed into the Fujimae Tidal Flat, which is a wetland registered under the Ramsar Convention.

Fujimae Tidal Flat volunteer activities
Trash picking