Approaches to the environment

Since its foundation in 2008, the Group has developed differentiated products as an integration of machine and electric components in its core business of water and wastewater business. In this sector, increasingly severe competition is predicted as a result of insufficient funds from tax revenue due to economic crisis. We are determined to supply engineering services centered on our unique technologies and components that cannot be offered by competitors. To achieve this, we will launch environmentally friendly products on the market and promote developments that also serve as countermeasures in the future to decrease environment impact. The following are our environment policy and goals.

Introducing the basic policy for environmental protection.

Introducing development themes and technologies for environmentally friendly products.

Introducing METAWATER's policy and structure for environment management.

Introducing efforts and activities for the prevention of global warming.

Introducing activities to create a recycling-oriented society

Introducing activities to protect water and forests aimed at contributing to biodiversity