Operation / Maintenance / Management

Management suitable for each individual plant is realized, supported by extensive know-how

Nagaoka, Niigata Prefecture

Myoken Water Treatment Plant; Consignment of operation management services

[Capacity of facility]118,000㎥/day


Our expert engineers make proposals to improve operations and are engaged in the improvement operation based on the analysis of accumulated data.

  • Our high sensitivity turbidimeter that can count particles is used for analyzing flocculation treatments made by expert engineers.
  • Based on various measurement data accumulated in the monitoring system, operations such as the chemical dosing have been improved through correlation analysis.

[Consignment characteristics]
■Consignee: Joint venture of METAWATER, JESK and RyokuSui ■Project mode: Around-the-clock throughout the year ■Water treatment method: Flocculation sedimentation +rapid filtration ■Contract mode: Contract for 3 years ■Contract period: October 1, 2009 to (in progress)

Utsunomiya, Tochigi Prefecture

Matsuda Shinden Water Treatment Plant; Consignment of services related to operating of wastewater treatment plant

[Capacity of facility]■Model: Horizontal pressure dehydrator ■Specification: Filtration area 340 m3/unit × 3 units


Data on the sludge property and sedimentation property are collected and operational improvements are proposed based on the collected data to achieve more effective operational services.

  • Renewal work for dehydrator
  • Based on a close tie-up with contractors, renewal works are implemented smoothly by efficiently operating the dehydrator.

[Consignment characteristics]
■Consignee: METAWATER SERVICE (Sole consignee) ■Project mode: Services to be delivered on a weekday and in the daytime ■Wastewater treatment method: Horizontal pressure dehydration method ■Contract mode: Single year contract ■Contract period: April 1, 2013 to (in progress)

Hirakata, Osaka Prefecture

Water treatment facility; Consignment of operation management services

[Capacity of facility] 130,000㎥/day


Sophistication of services is realized based on a partnership between operation management staff and our expert engineers.

  • Periodical maintenance and inspection are conducted as a concerted approach of our expert engineers specialized in maintenance and repair of electric, instrumentation and mechanical systems and the client's operation management staff to improve service efficiency.
  • Training programs on professional engineering are given to the operation management staff so that they can detect any abnormality during their daily inspection and take appropriate primary measures at an early stage.

[Consignment characteristics]
■Consignee: METAWATER Co., Ltd. (Sole consignee) ■Project mode: Night shift and weekend / holiday shift only (daytime shift on weekdays: Client's staff) ■Water treatment method: High-speed sedimentation + rapid filtration + ozone treatment ■Contract mode: Contract for 3 years ■Contract period: April 1, 2003 to September 30, 2006. October 1, 2009 to (in progress)

Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture

Consignment of water operation monitoring and control services as well as facility maintenance and management services

[Capacity of facility] 129,243 ㎥/day


IT technologies are positively used to manage water supply facilities in as many as 400 sites across a wide area.

  • An efficient report service is realized by establishing a unique inspection system and capturing on-site inspection results on a real-time basis.
  • More stable operation is achieved by reflecting operational know-how for emergency countermeasures in the central monitoring and control system on the occasion of renewal.

[Consignment characteristics]
■Consignee: METAWATER Co., Ltd. (sole consignee) ■Project mode: Around-the-clock throughout the year ■Water treatment method: Slow sand filtration, rapid filtration, membrane filtration and disinfection only ■Contract mode: Single-year contract ■Contract period: April 1, 2001 to (in progress)

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