Leaf Spring Diffuser


A diffuser suitable for aeration and agitation processes in treating the waste water of a plant, etc.
Leaf Spring Diffuser integrates a unique stainless steel leaf spring for highly efficient oxygen absorption, made possible by the air chopping effect.

Vibrations of the leaf spring generate micro-bubbles that make it possible to stably keep the oxygen absorption efficiency at 9% for a long period.

  • * Type 1, Type 3, Type 6, etc. are available depending on the application and air level.


  • Can be operated without maintenance for several years because no clogging occurs.
  • Possible to reduce installation cost and initial investment because no blower air filter is required.

Line-up and installation example

Type 1

Photo: Leaf Spring Type 1

Leaf Spring Type 1

Type 1 diffuser has a single leaf spring. The main unit is made of ABS resin with excellent shock resistance and heat resistance.

Aeration level is 110-340 L/min. It has connection ports of a female screw for a 3/4B pipe. Type 1 is normally used for a small-size aeration system or as a replacement for other diffuser types.

Type 3

Leaf Spring Type 3

Leaf Spring Type 3

Type 3 is comprised of a stainless steel square pipe with sides of approx. 40 mm and three leaf springs. The aeration level is 170-1700 L/min.

Connection port has a 3/4B female screw or 1B male screw. This type is used for various kinds of aeration systems.

Type 6

Type 6 is a stainless steel diffuser with six leaf springs. The aeration level is 340-3400 L/min.

Connection is conducted via a center flange by using four bolts. Type 6 forms a wideband diffusion pattern. This type is designed to be installed on an air header fitted on an aeration tank floor or on a drop pipe.

Photo: Leaf Spring Type 6

Leaf Spring Type 6


  Type 1 Type 3-M Type 3-F Type 6
Diffuser assembly  
Operation range (L/min) 110-340 170-1700 340-3400
Recommended design capacity (L/min) 280 1100 1000 2100
Pressure loss (Water column: mm) 200 330 300
Oxygen absorption efficiency
(at a water depth of 3810 mm and temperature of 21℃)
9.0% 9.1% 9.2% 9.1%
Connection port 3/4B PT
Female screw
Male screw
3/4B PT
Female screw
Mass (kg) 0.14 1.1 0.9 2.7
External dimensions (mm) 178×51×38 38.5×730 38.5×670 38.5×1500
Intervals between diffusers (mm) 178 914
Height from the bottom surface of the diffuser
To the flange surface (mm)
- 90
Leaf spring  
Number of leaf springs 1 3 6
Ventilation hole dimensions 1 12 24
Ventilation hole dimensions (mm) 25×145 22φ
Dimensions (mm) 30×175 30×171
Material SUS 301
Thickness (standard) (mm) 0.5
Method of fastening to the main unit ABS resin retainer and setscrew Rivet
Main unit  
Material ABS resin SUS 304
Material thickness (minimum) (mm) - 1.2
Amount of erosion (mm) 0 Less than 0.003/year

(JIS10K flange for Type 6 option is Type 6-Z)

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