Trinitec Sorter

Disposal plastic bag tearing and sorting system


Disposal plastic bag tearing and sorting system(Trinitec Sorter)

While plastic wastes were incinerated together with other inflammable wastes previously, recent technological progress in resource recycling has made it possible to use the plastic wastes effectively as regenerative resources.

Nevertheless, it is still necessary to eliminate foreign materials (fouling adhered to plastic, contents in containers not eliminated before disposal, metals, etc.) mixed in disposed plastic wastes in advance, because they have an undesirable impact on the regeneration processes.

Disposal plastic bag tearing and sorting system, "Trinitec Sorter," is an innovative piece of equipment that sorts lightweight plastic and heavy plastic in the plastic wastes with high accuracy. It operates by focusing on the characteristics of lightweight plastic substances and those of foreign materials included in the plastic wastes.


1. High sorting accuracy

Compared to the combination of a conventional bag tearing device and sorting device, higher sorting accuracy is achieved.

2. Possible to decrease workforce for manual work

Thanks to the high pre-sorting accuracy, the manual workload can be reduced, and this leads to a reduction of the workforce needed for manual work.

3. Space saving

Because the manual workload for sorting can be reduced, the length of conveyors can be reduced. This allows a compact design for a manual sorting space for which air conditioning system is necessary.

4. Addresses various waste qualities

Various qualities of wastes can be processed with ease by adjusting each element of the sorting system (blast volume, rotor rotation, gradient).

5. Easy maintenance

Because the rotor shaft of the tear bag system has a special structure, the amount of foreign materials that cling to the shaft can be reduced. Besides, because tangled substances are automatically eliminated with the system's cleaning function, the burden of maintenance is minimized.

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